Yu XiaochangCRO & Fund Manager

Yu Xiaochang studied at Tsinghua University from 2005 to 2013, where he earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in electronic engineering. After graduating, he worked in the Asset Management Department of China Securities as a researcher focusing on the electronics industry.

He began his career in the fund industry in 2014 working at Manulife Teda Fund Management as a senior researcher, before joining U Capital as CRO and fund manager in 2017.

Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of the electronics industry, Yu knows what high-growth industries have in common and what sets them apart, which allows him to effectively identify fast-growing tech companies.

Investment Philosophy

Balanced and aggressive value investing

1. Effective valuation of a companies is fundamental to achieving sustainable returns.

2. The point is to look beyond immediate profit and identify long-term value; to look for high-quality companies that have not been widely recognized by the market; to allow some uncertainty instead of rejecting all risks.

3. C.A balanced portfolio is less vulnerable to fluctuations and disruptions.

A meditation on investing

The reality is that the Efficient-market hypothesis is still not satisfied in the real world, which implies that it is possible to “beat the market” through in-depth research, achieving high probability of scoring winning trades and high betting odds at the same time.