Investment Philosophy: Discovering the Value of Time

Time produces expectations, and expectations produce value. Time has the power to endow all things in the world with unique values.

U Capital aims to generate sustainable returns for our clients with an investment philosophy of discovering the value of time. We attach great importance to a company’s long-term growth potential and continuously strengthened economic moat, which are based on a solid foundation of three core elements prudent management, sound corporate governance, and strong execution capabilities instead of short-term growth which might come merely from a sudden explosion of demand.

The market can either be your friend or foe. In the face of enormous complexity and uncertainty in the stock market, a precise grasp of market expectations and sentiments based on deep insights into the market and our human nature, is both what determines the viability of large capital investment portfolios. It is exactly the investment principle that U Capital lives by.

Risk Control Philosophy: The Art of Balance

Only those who can sense an upcoming crisis will have a chance of survival. Only those who have weathered the storms of the market will enjoy the fortune it brings.

Investment is essentially a trade-off between risk and return. U Capital believes that a successful risk management system for an investment portfolio should focus on factors including systemic risk exposure, concentration of positions, and risk exposure of financial instruments. An effective balance of return elasticity and downside risks must be achieved if we are to win in absolute returns.

As a Chinese maxim goes, “One must widen the extent of his knowledge while seeking to attain utmost accuracy in the minutest details; one must also strive to achieve the highest realm of profoundness and excellence while practicing the doctrine of the mean.” U Capital, adopting this very doctrine, is ready to provide the most balanced funds while keeping with the principles, undertaking accurate and continuous risk monitoring, and paying keen attention to the margin of safety through the adoption of an AI-based algorithm.